Community engagement will be a cornerstone of the mission, ensuring that residents actively participate in decision-making processes and have a voice in shaping the city’s future. Transparent communication channels will be established to keep citizens informed and involved.
We must construct a solid foundation on which to build REAL solutions for homelessness, crime and the drug epidemic which is destroying this city. Having worked in the non-profit sector for the past three years addressing the issues surrounding housing instability and homelessness, it has given me a boots-on-theground insight into what is working and where the gaps in service and resources are that need to be bridged.

The issues that we want to see addressed do not need to continue to be pushed aside. Funding for programs that are not producing fruit needs to stop.


We envision a future defined by vibrant economic growth, social equity, and sustainable development. With a commitment to inclusivity. we aspir to bridge socioeconomic gaps, providing equal access to education, healthcare, and affordable housing. Through collaborative efforts and innovative policies , Stockton’s vision is harmonious and thriving city that embraces progress while preserving its unique identity.
In order for our city to attract new business and expand already established business, we have to create a solid foundation on which to build. Premature funding of efforts that are ultimately good for our community will only expand wasteful spending.

Taking the time to get a solid plan of action, with community input, will prove to be wiser by addressing the issues surrounding homelessness, crime and drug addiction first and foremost. Once we have a system in place to begin remediating these issues, that is the time to start creating new business opportunities and work on revitalizing the underdeveloped parts of our city, thereby creating a more prosperous community.